I contacted Neil with the need to help us prepare for succession in our family held company. Neil was recommended to me due to his extensive experience and skills in evaluating commercial real estate assets and recognizing new ways of structuring company administrative and upper management roles to improve operations and company efficiencies.

He has far exceeded my expectations with great results in the future management of our assets. In the extremely difficult times of the Covid 19 pandemic, he has worked with our future leaders in critical thinking and out of the box ideas to promote our assets, relationships and community outreach.

I feel that with the years of experience our future leaders have had, and the guidance that Neil is instilling in them as “owners” rather than “employees”, I feel confident that our company will strive, when it is time to turn over the “reins”.

Jack Selcer

Selcer & Selcer Development


It was my first experience as shopping mall owner and I have to be honest it is a bit disarming as there is so much to know and many terms to learn. I asked my lawyer for help who without hesitation recommended Neil to me and I hired him as Asset Manager. Neil broke it down for me in pieces and helped me understand every single aspect of the business. It is very interesting what the decision-making process is based on, and there so many variables. At the end of the day it is impossible to make the best decision every time but through the right process and the right counseling you can get very close. That is what Neil masters the best. But this is just one of the many skills that Neil has. I am looking forward to many years to come of collaboration with him. I recommend Neil, not only for his professionalism, but what I value the most is his unconditional friendship.

Fabio Conte

Owner of Conti Santi Properties


I knew it to be true at the time and throughout our direct working tenure together, however it wasn't until the years that followed that I was able to more fully comprehend (and appreciate) the depth of impact that Neil's mentoring had on my professional development. Through energetic leadership, Neil's unique management style created an environment that fostered creative problem-solving, encouraged independent thinking, and promoted focus on maximizing value while building and maintaining customer loyalty.

Gabe Hagemann, Vice President/Managing Director

The Carrington Company

Neil was instrumental in my career development as a leasing professional. He challenged me to be decisive and to trust my gut, rather than reacting from a place of fear and insecurity. He also invested in my training as a salesperson, which gave me tangible, specific strategies for crafting my sales pitch and overcoming objections. The tools that he introduced me to are ones that I still use to this day with my own team. But perhaps most importantly, Neil demonstrated first-hand how crucial relationships are in our business, and how to intentionally cultivate them for the long term. He taught me that while I may not know the answer to every question, the goal was to develop my relationships so that I would always know whom to ask to get the answer.

Rebecca Taylor

Vice President of Leasing

Terramar Retail Centers


Neil has extensive experience and skills in evaluating and repositioning commercial real estate assets. He has been invaluable in assisting Karney Properties in repositioning a retail shopping center in a challenging tertiary market. Neil supports his approaches and execution with a practical knowledge from years of experience to recommend a course of action with the highest probability of success.  In addition, Neil has a straightforward and professional style of communicating and reporting.  We would recommend Neil, especially for the challenging retail properties in need of repositioning.

Aliza Karney Guren

Karney Properties Company