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Over more than three decades Neil has led teams and worked in almost all aspects of commercial real estate. That professional journey has enabled him to develop a unique toolbox of leadership and problem-solving skills in order to confidently advise and support his clients. More recently Neil has directly coached several business owners or senior executives.



Executive coaching for 8 business owners or senior leaders and professional mentoring of more than twenty other associates


Negotiation and completion of more than 1,200 commercial lease transactions


Leading teams of 50 plus throughout eight states

Managed the development effort of a national expansion for a retail services company, growing from 15 locations to 150 in three years


Regional COO for publicly traded commercial real estate company with accountability for over $150 million of Net Operating Income

25 years of corporate senior leadership roles that required building teams and relevant cultures and systems; and ongoing management

Examples of specific services include:

  • Asset Management

  • Leadership Development and coaching

  • Investment Analysis

  • Support for family and generational challenges

  • Personal transaction sourcing and negotiation

  • Project Management

  • Portfolio evaluation and strategic planning

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